My three fully restored Ford Mavericks.

These cars are all vehicles which I restored and are currently in number one (show quality) condition. Two of them (the light blue ones) have won awards. The advantage to restoring a car like a Ford Maverick is that parts are reasonably priced, relatively easy to obtain and the cars themselves are easy and simple to work on and understand. Granted, a Maverick may not be the “hottest” car on the antique car market right now, but I never want for attention when I take one of them to a car show or use it as a “daily driver” (when there is no salt on the roads). I DO expect that in the future these cars will acquire more and more value as the general value of antique automobiles goes yet higher and higher. So, if anybody has an old Maverick that is just sitting around, don’t have it hauled away, be patient and you just might end up with a highly valuable and easily restored antique automobile!
Another thing about the charm of a Ford a Maverick: it is a car that many of us remember from earlier days, and a fully restored, pristine example of one of these cars is a great conversation starter and a great way to meet new friends, also.